Sunday, October 14, 2012

Midnight's Story:

The black cat was a stray and appeared to have been on his own for quite some time.  He showed up on a 5 acre mountain top.  The retired couple put food out for him daily but he would only eat when they were out of sight. 

As a Tom Cat, Midnight came and went.  He was unable to really put on any weight this way.  But eventually he figured out these folks were not going to hurt him and he stopped running from them.  He was constantly coming home beat up too. 

The retired couple lives on a fixed income.  Neutering the cat was not a priority for them.  Priorities were mortgage, food, ect...  So, we decided our priority WAS to neuter him and once again, we cashed in cans and once again we had the funds to do it.  So very thankful to our can donors! 

After Midnight was neutered he left home one last time.  Apparently he did not get the memo!  lol 

Now Midnight no longer leaves home.  His roommate is Bell, AKA scruffy mentioned here in this blog.  He has people who love him, his best friend is the dog, he sleeps indoors if he wants to, even in the bed.  There is a child there he adores.  No one else can hold him but her.  She can do anything she wants to him.  Sweet. 

Here he is today, fat, spoiled and healthy:

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