Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is Feeney:
Feeney was abandoned by his Mother for an unknown reason.  I found him as a tiny kitten, starving to death.  He was starving to the point of climbing up my pant leg in desperation.  A tenant there just had a baby and brought some formula out for him.  He dove in, head first, getting the formula all over him and drank it down like there was no tomorrow. 

I had another tenant who had a cat that looked just like him.  I sent her a pic.  She replied, "Can I have him?"... 

Feeney had to have a bath first.  But he was pretty good about it. 

Here he is now, all grown up and spoiled.  And of course rescued and fixed by Cans For Critters. 

Remember, can contributors are what makes this program work.  Thank you all so very much!  Critters thank you too!  Especially Feeney!

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