Monday, October 22, 2012

No No

And now meet No No:

As a kitten, No No was pretty rowdy.  Additionally, he is an attention seeker.  This cat will literally throw himself into your arms and flip over like a baby to this day.

No No was passed around to a couple of different homes as a kitten.  No one had time for this demanding boy.  The second owner was going to take him to the pound.  She was a single working lady and in her spare time she had things to do and holding this attention seeker wasn't her priority, though it was his. 

I am not sure why the first owner gave him away but I suspect for the same reason.

However, I know a great lady who loves black cats.  She already had one grown black cat that looks just like this one.  I asked if she would take him if we had him fixed and she agreed. 

Once again we put out a plea for cans and once again our donors came through.  No No went to the clinic and went home with the lady. 

It was she who gave him his name.  She said she was always saying "NO NO, "...  And so his name stuck.  Haha.  He is really a cute, sweet cat. 

No No lives with the other black cat she had along with two large dogs.  He is now full grown and looks identical to her other black cat.  She says she has to roll the cats over to see who is who.  No No has white on his belly. 

So, another happy ending for an animal who may not have escaped the pound and possible/probable euthanasia.  All because people saved cans for us, here is one more animal that was spared from possible death.  THANK YOU ALL!

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