Saturday, October 13, 2012


At the time we were busy catching Jack's cats for spays and neuters, a female cat showed up in very bad shape.  She came to our apartments in desperate search of food, much like Jack's cats had done.  And it was obvious she had kittens hidden somewhere.  But she was not a member of the feral colony, though she was semi feral and very timid.  A little food and we were able to pet her.  Like the rest had done, she came every morning for her breakfast.

We noticed her going under a house across from the apartments.  I knew her kittens must be there.  And they were.  We saw them playing one day.  So what was this cat's story?  I had to know. 

After talking to Jack and the neighbors, I learned this cat and another used to belong to someone on the block.  The owner was an elderly woman who had passed away.  Her children came for her belongings but just left the cats behind.  One cat died.  The other learned to survive on her own. 

I also learned this cat always has kittens but sadly, they wander out to the busy road and always get killed.  How devastating for this Mother cat, trying her best to nurse and care for her babies to see this ending every single time.  This had to stop!

I decided to trap her and spay her, then release her back to her kittens.  They were big enough to eat now and I took cat food to the house they were at.  The lady who lived there wasn't exactly thrilled I was feeding them but I assured her I would catch them eventually and find them homes and the Mother would not have anymore. 

I took this cat to a separate vet who was running a special for spays.  I paid for it myself as this was before we started saving cans.  At the end of the day I went back to get her.  The vet mentioned she was a sweet cat.  I told the vet more about the cat and that I was releasing her back where she came from.  The vet said no, there was a mistake.  She thought it was MY personal cat and used metal stitches that had to be surgically removed in two weeks.  She could not continue nursing.  This was not good news...

I took the cat we now called Peaches back to the kittens but I left her in the carrier.  I set a trap next to it with food in hopes she would call them.  There were three kittens.  I was able to catch two. 

The two kittens went to foster care and the people kept them.  I tried to catch the third one but I couldn't.  Then I got a call from Jack.  The desperate kitten had made its way to his house but someone had poured hot liquid on it and it was badly burned.  I have no idea how this could have happened or who could do such a thing.  I cried for the kitten.  The next day I found it dead. 

Meanwhile here was Peaches who had metal stitches.  Of course I took her home.  I had no choice.  She didn't understand to use a litter box so we had to put her outside.  My other cats were really mean to her and she was forced to live down in a ditch pipe.  I have never seen it take so long for a cat to be accepted in a group.  It took a year!  But finally Peaches got a friend and she came up.  It was our latest addition Circles.  He is my good boy!

Here is a picture of Peaches and Circles.  Looks like true love to me!

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